COVID-19 Update

Our production facility is currently closed to all public visits at this time.

We are still accepting orders, and are producing/shipping material on our normal schedule.

Hewn Elements is monitoring the COVID-19 crisis seriously. We are not currently experiencing any production delays. We do not expect the current situation to impact the output of our Oregon production facility in the upcoming weeks. Gloves and P100 respirators have always been our standard work attire, and our limited number of craftsmen allows us ample physical distancing space in our 40,000 sq ft workshop. All office staff is working from home, to minimize risk and promote healthy social isolation.

  • Hewn Elements follows OSHA’s Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for Covid-19.
  • All employees have been educated on COVID-19 symptoms and how COVID-19 spreads.
  • Employees are educated on how to lower the risk of exposure to COVID-19 at all times. This includes time outside of Hewn production.
  • Our offices and manufacturing facilities are not currently open to the public. Only authorized employees are allowed on the premises.
  • Safety measures used to control risk of exposure include: safe distancing, wearing PPE, hand washing, regular disinfecting of equipment and workspaces.
  • This plan and its policies are implemented all throughout our business. Risk during deliveries, manufacturing, and shipping is minimized for the safety of our customers and employees. All Hewn shipments are disinfected before leaving our facilities.
  • Any employees that can work remotely are set up to do so. These employees will not visit our facilities unless absolutely necessary.
  • If an employee is sick or showing signs of COVID-19, they will be sent home immediately.
  • If an employee has a family member that is sick or showing signs of COVID-19, they will be sent home immediately.

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Hardwood Flooring

Why Choose Hewn

We understand construction. Mistakes happen on job sites, and schedules get tight. When purchasing from Hewn Elements, we enter into a partnership with you. We’re here to help you get your job done.

We strive to eliminate the middle-man, operating as a one-stop shop for the manufacturing process. Our Oregon facility features 40,000 ft² of milling, fabrication, and finishing, with an in-house team capable of tackling any challenge. Having our entire production process under one roof helps us save you time and money, through expert value engineering and total oversight of the production process.

Hewn Catalog

Hewn Elements offers an assortment of standard products, textures, and colors, in addition to our extensive commercial and custom millwork. These products, along with features and articles, are documented in our limited-run print catalog. To view our catalog online, or to request a physical copy (for contractors and professional trades), please use the links below: 

Real Wood Products

Every piece of Cedar, Northwestern Spruce, or White Oak that we handle is treated as a work of art. Instead of simply mimicking the subtleties of aged and rustic wood, we carefully recreate it using non-traditional means. We do not deal in thin veneers, polyurethane boards, or faux printed patterns. Instead, we produce solid wood products intended to last a lifetime. And we do so using new sustainably-sourced wood, in order to be sure that our products are free of harmful contaminants often found in traditional reclaimed products.

Sustainable & Timeless

We believe the best way to honor the past is to preserve it. The wood we use is a sustainable resource, sourced locally in the Pacific Northwest, and specifically planted with the intent of being harvested via responsible methods. When practiced properly, responsible forestry techniques represent one of the greatest tools in the fight to preserve our old-growth forests on a grand scale.

While some of our competitors source their lumber from overseas markets in search of a cheap solution, we believe that such behavior can contribute to irresponsible deforestation on an immense scale. Imported wood products also carry the potential for dangerous contaminants due to unknown variables in the supply chain. Instead, we’ve chosen to uphold our dedication to supporting our local economies by sourcing our cedar solely from reputable domestic suppliers.