Exterior Cedar Siding

Our Exterior Cedar Collection is created using our unique color process, and is sealed with Cabot exterior wood finish for maximum protection. It is sold in solid 3/4″ boards with multiple milling and width options. All of our large quantity orders are sold in random lengths.

Widths & Lengths

Our cedar is sold in nominal widths of 4” (3.5” net), 6” (5.5” net), 8” (7.25” net), 10” (9.25” net), and 12” (11.25” net). Our standard cedar board lengths are 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’ and 16’.


All of our cedar is kiln dried at 1” to 3” thick, and milled to a thickness of 13/16”, 1 ½”, and 2 ½”. Thicker sizes are available in Timber Stock, which is partially air-dried.


We can mill our cedar boards with several variations of Shiplap or Tongue & Groove. Custom milling is also available on larger quantity orders.


We use Select Tight Knot Western Red Cedar, which features unique grain and knot patterns that give each board its own character.

Exterior Cedar Siding